NCR now offers the revolutionary Orderman 7. This purpose based restaurant hardware is specifically designed to meet the rigours of the hospitality industry whether used inside or outdoors. The Orderman 7 is a ruggedized Android tablet for table side order taking. If you are considering an iOS POS solution to utilize iPad ordering, why not use a device which is actually designed for the hospitality industry?

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iPad Ordering versus the Orderman 7

Both the iPad and the Orderman can be run with Aloha Mobile and be used with the Aloha POS system. The difference is in the hardware; one is a consumer device and the other is a commercial device specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

The Ordeman 7 is waterproof to 1 metre; the iPad is not waterproof. The Orderman 7 is designed to withstand over 300,000 drops from a distance of over 3 feet; the iPad is likely to break with a single drop on a tile floor. The Orderman battery is designed to last 18 hours with intensive use; Can you imagine using an iPad for 18 hours? The Orderman was specifically designed for the hospitality industry and can come with up to 5 years of warranty; the iPad was designed as a consumer device and does not come with the same depth of warranty when used in a commercial setting.

The other big difference is how the two devices communicate. For iPad ordering, the system must be set to communicate over a Wifi network. This limits the device’s reliability and range. The Orderman 7 doesn’t use Wifi to communicate (but can, if the situation requires) and actually communicates over radio frequencies. With one base station, the Orderman 7 can maintain communication over a 300 metre range! All without the problems which can arise with Wifi.

Considering what you’ve just read, do you think iPad ordering would be best for your table side solution or would a purpose built hospitality industry device like the Orderman 7 be your best choice?

Using an iPad or iOS

tablet pos for restaurants

Like the idea of the Orderman, but have your heart set on an iPad? NCR and Aloha have extended the features available on Orderman to Apple iOS devices including the Apple iPad with the launch of Aloha Mobile, the power of the Aloha POS onto Apple iOS devices like the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Aloha Mobile Brochure

The benefits of a tablet pos for restaurants in detail:

More sales, faster service, more satisfied customers
Customers using iPad or Orderman solutions know that average turnover increases of 10% are a reality. The second an order is placed, it is transmitted to where it needs to be: the kitchen or the bar. Meanwhile the serving staff can stay where they need to be: with the guests. With more time to serve people, sales inevitably rise.

No waiting around at the till for waiters
Since point-of-sale functions are carried out using the actual hand-held unit; there’s no longer any need to enter orders using a touch-screen terminal. As a result, more time can be devoted to serving the guests.

Printing the bill at the table
Serving staff no longer need to leave the table to fetch the bill. Instead, the guest check is printed directly at the table from an Orderman hip printer. This saves even more time for the waiters and for the guests.

No mistakes with orders or cancellations
All orders and cancellations are agreed with the guest and immediately confirmed on the iPad or Orderman display. Communication errors are eliminated, which reduces the stress level for service personnel. Guests are happier too, because they always get exactly what they ordered.  Voiding, “comping” and splitting checks is easy and fast.

Less walking allows staff to concentrate on their job
Thanks to significant time savings, service staff can focus on sales. Walking is reduced by up to 40%, which means they can serve 25% more guests on average.

Smooth flow of communication between service staff and kitchen
A continual flow of incoming orders gives the kitchen a time benefit of around 6–10 minutes compared to conventional fixed tills.

Complete control system for all transactions using leading software solutions
Every transaction – from orders and cancellations to amendments – is logged in a journal, along with the time it was performed. Lost transactions are a thing of the past.

Different bill types and splitting
The guest specifies the type of bill required; all bills can be split as many ways as necessary

The key features and benefits of Aloha point of sales systems include:

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive software – reduce training time.
  • Touch screen interface pre-configured graphics – deliver fast, accurate service.
  • Integrated electronic payment processing – provide payment alternatives.
  • Built-in redundancy – avoid data loss and POS system downtime.
  • Check or item splitting and combining – improve customer satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive front-of-house reporting – reduce time in back office.
  • Automatic order routing to kitchen – increase speed and order accuracy.
  • Delivery and to-go management – maintain delivery sales.
  • Voids, order changes special requests – eliminate unnecessary trips to kitchen.
  • Modular, flexible design – implement a solution that grows with your business.

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