Eliminate counting and secure your tobacco inventory with a fully automated cigarette cabinet!

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Towerline Automatic Cigarette Cabinets
Towerline being stocked in Drayton Valley, AB


For over a decade in places like Germany, the United Kingdom, and Australia, HARTING has offered automatic cigarette cabinets  for the safe sale of tobacco products by retailers. Now through Time Business, these time tested automated technology is available for the first time in Canada.

Towerline Automatic Cigarette Cabinets


Harting Systems has developed a flexible system for convenience, gas, and grocery stores. With the Towerline cigarette dispensing machine, cigarettes and tobacco are delivered to the clerk via a dispenser from a secure cabinet which only the owner or management can access. The Towerline system reduces cost incurred due to shift counts, insufficient reporting, training, and theft. The system also has the added benefit of keeping staff member eyes facing forward rather than searching under blankets or through cabinets for the correct package of cigarettes.

Advantages of the system

The Towerline offers a modular structure which allows the technology to incorporate tobacco inventories of any size. The clerk at the Point of Sale or ‘POS’ dispenses the packs wither from the POS (if interfaced to the machine) or from a wireless touch pad. When dispensed, the system automatically records the product selected and adds it to the reports available in the system. This eliminates the need for costly shift counts and makes balancing tobacco inventories a breeze. When interfaced with the POS, the inventory can be automatically decremented when cigarettes are sold and the business can take full advantage of the reporting available through the existing POS system. Use of the Towerline will have a significant effect in terms of inconsistencies in the store’s inventory.

The Towerline also gives an attractive option to comply with the ban of tobacco advertising. The cabinet can have lit advertising mounted on it to draw attention to non-tobacco related items in the store or have slat wall installed on it to give the store owner the ‘power wall’ back for the display of high margin items.

The Towerline also offers a high level of protection against theft and breaking-and-entering. The secure cabinet can be hidden from view (behind advertising or power wall) and the heavy metal construction makes a ‘smash and grab’ difficult and hard to do in a short window of time.

The capacity of the Towerline master machine varies depending on the individual inventory of the store and the pack sizes offered. Typically the main machine can carry up to 48 different brands and up to 180 packets. The machine can be expanded to carry an inventory of up to 2200 packets. The expansion unit is half of the size of the master unit. The half size units are typically run off the master unit, however, for small stores, or stores with a limited selection, the half unit can be used as a master. A series of half sized units can be added to the system to incorporate large inventories.

The dispensers can be customized to match the styling of any store. With the use of advertising panels, slat wall, wood trim panels, or even monitors, the Towerline can fit your brand and image.

Whatever the situation, the Towerline system will guarantee the safe, secure, and profitable sale of tobacco.

Product features
  • Compact, modular, and flexible layout
  • High level of theft protection and breaking-and-entering security
  • ‘POS’ or ‘Point of Sale’ integration available
  • Sales reports
  • Illuminated advertising panels (available option)
  • Optimal storage volume and easy filling
  • Flexible and configurable columns (for dispensing different items and pack sizes)
Dispensing Product / Product Selection

The Towerline can either run standalone or be integrated with the POS. Currently in Canada  the Towerline has pre-existing interfaces to the following POS platforms:

Other POS platforms could be integrated with development. Time Business can make the API available to any interested parties who wish to develop an interface.

When integrated with the POS, the cashier can take full advantage of the touch screen by selecting brands via a customized screen within the POS software. The cashier simply touches the pack on the screen and the pack is dispensed. Simple. No more digging under blankets and through cabinets and training is a breeze.

In stand-alone mode clerk will use touch pad. The touchpad has 96 product buttons and 5 function keys. Since communication to the machine is wireless, the touchpad can be located anywhere in the store within range. The touchpad can be customized to incorporate pictures of the various product and has a key which can lock it out from dispensing if the cashier is going to be away from the counter. In a stand-alone configuration, the reports from the machine come from a small POS printer (included) which can be run at the end of a shift or end of day. Nothing else is needed.

Towerline Automatic Cigarette Cabinets
Towerline finished and integrated into a Hughes Station in Edmonton, AB




Towerline Automatic Cigarette Cabinets

Towerline Automatic Cigarette Cabinets

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