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Running a business or organization can be made better through the analysis of data. The common types of data tracked are things like sales, incidents, and trends. These are great tools to forecast how many servers to schedule on a Friday night at your bar or what to anticipate in terms of yearly revenue. The security of sites and the systems on which they rely all depend upon events triggering an alert. In marketing, the success or failure of a campaign is based on the result or trying the idea. The common theme is that in each case the data relied on is created by a past event. However, what if you could utilize a real-time data stream to give you insight into what was happening in your business or organization today in the present?

Video analytics can achieve this goal.

What if you want to know if the new content on your digital signage is drawing more attention than your previous content? With analytics you can look at how the dwell time in front of the screen is changing with the new content. What if you want to know which parts of your store are busiest? From reading heat signatures you’ll be able to tell in real time. Want an alert sent if one part of your store or business gets too busy? Again, video analytics can provide this data.

The applications for security are numerous. With video analytics you can secure your site by:

  • Creating a virtual boundary line or zone around a facilities perimeter
  • Analytics can trigger a relay, siren, or voice notification if someone enters a protected area
  • Email or text event notifications to the appropriate individuals on the spot
  • System watches for abandoned objects and object removal
  • You can even secure access doors and parking garages with tailgating detection

While this type of application may seem from the future it is available now from Time Business and Amano! Contact us today to investigate how analytics may benefit your business or organization!

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