5 Benefits of Access Control in the Workplace

Security is a top priority of businesses of all types, sizes, and industries; that’s why we here at Time Business are sitting down today to outline 5 benefits of access control in the workplace.

Access control is defined as any system that can allow or deny access to your business  as a whole or, more commonly, physical or digital spaces associated with your business. Whether you are a business owner who is weighing up the pros and cons of your own access control system (or if you’re looking to upgrade yours), refer to this guide to learn why it’s a worthwhile investment.

Access Control Provides Ease of Access For Employees


No matter which variation of Time Business access control you opt for (whether that be PM Tronics, Amanonet, Nexus 220, or turnstiles and pedestrian barriers), it provides ease of access for both existing and future employees.

Ease of access:


  • Streamlines access for all employees
  • Makes providing access to future employees quick and, if desired, automated
  • Ensures that employees, if fired, cannot access confidential data or physical locations

This makes day-to-day security easier for business owners and staff alike.

One of the main reasons why access control can achieve this is…

Access Control Eliminates the Need for Traditional Keys


Traditional keys are easily locked, quickly copied by thieves, commonly broken, and sometimes even left in the keyhole: all of which pose huge security risks to your business.

Regardless of whether you are looking to protect physical goods, data stored on computers in your storefront, and/or your staff, the ability to eliminate traditional keys is a boon for many business owners.

Access control systems can come in the form of simple cards, keypad entry, physical barriers, or fingerprint-based AI, all of which make both entry and theft prevention more convenient than ever before.

Protect Against Unwanted Visitors With Access Control Systems


Whether it be for digital information, physical goods, or general safety, protecting against unwanted visitors is a must.

Nexus 220 is a great example of this: complete with multi-site solutions, fully redundant offline integration, full anti-passback support, building management and elevator control, ID badge design and printing, consistent tech support, and much more, having enhanced security doesn’t have to come at the risk of complicating your entry and exit protocols.


Access Control Grants Easy Access to Multiple Buildings and Locations


Traditional security, particularly keys, bog down processes when it comes to access control for multiple locations. This is especially true for hospitals that need different access requirements for different staff, schools that have overlapping faculty, or even retail spaces where protocols are different at each branch.

Access control works to circumvent these common security pitfalls by safely, securely, and easily tailoring who needs access when, no matter where they’re located.

Comply With Industry Regulations and Security Standards Thanks to Access Control Systems

Lastly, access control systems can help you comply with industry regulations by:

  • Systematizing how medical leave is tracked
  • Safeguarding customers’ financial data
  • Restricting access to server information
  • …And so much more

If you are ready to enjoy the many benefits of access control, contact us today to get started.

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