The Full List of Security Measures for Cannabis Retail Shops

Overhead security camera in a government owned public building.

When opening a cannabis retail store in Canada, there are a lot of things to keep in mind – as you probably already know by now.

One of the most important policies, however, surround security systems in retail stores. In fact, a store license will not be issued to any applicant who hasn’t submitted a floor plan detailing exactly where surveillance and security devices are going to be installed to prove they’ve met the physical security requirements for the premises.

Playing By The Rules

With that said, here are the rules you need to keep in mind to ensure you don’t fail any audits (based on regulations created by The Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLCC) is an agent of the government of the Canadian province of Alberta:

  1. Your retail store must be protected by a professionally installed and monitored alarm system. The system needs to be able to detect any attempts to open, enter, or tamper with your store or your cannabis room, or the security system itself.
  2. You need “panic” or robbery buttons installed at all point of sale positions.
  3. Your store needs a digital camera system that:
    1. Has cameras in the ceiling (or domes) that are linked to a monitor and a recording system that’s located in a secure area on site.
    2. Is setup (with appropriate lighting) so that you can see all point of sale areas, receiving areas, customer areas, and the secure cannabis storage rooms at all times (24 hours). You should also be able to clearly capture all activity where there are people entering or exiting the premises including staff areas.
    3. Retains 60 days minimum of digital colour video with a time/date stamp that doesn’t block the image. You should always be able to clearly identify all the individuals that appear on camera.
    4. Is tested weekly to make sure all cameras and recording equipment are functioning properly. Make sure you have a log of the test results that can be given to AGLCC at any given time.
  4. In terms of physical barriers, your store needs to have:
    1. 1.5mm (16 gauge) hollow metal doors with 1.9mm (14 gauge) metal frame and tamper-proof hinges at all entry points other than the customer entrance. You also need to use commercial grade non-residential locks on every door with a tamper-proof strike plate. The locking devices must penetrate the door frame by at least 1.25 cm.
    2. Commercial-grade material for both the customer entrance and the overhead receiving door so that unauthorized individuals can’t get in.
    3. Locking devices that aren’t on a master key system.
    4. A secure cannabis storage room that is constructed of Flattened Metal Mesh, EMMA 557-99 style ¾-9F, nominal strand thickness of 0.120” (0.108” to 0.132”) diamond opening of 0.563” x 1.688” or Sheet steel 16ga, A1008/A1008M (cold rolled) or A1011/A1011M (hot rolled) or equivalent.The room needs a 16 gauge (1.6mm) steel sheet that’s HR Commercial quality, ASTM A366, has a matte finish, and that shall extend 1200mm around door frame on inside of room and attached to the door frame with screws, welds or rivets.It also needs a 1.5mm (16 gauge) hollow metal door not exceeding 36 inches width with 1.9mm (14 gauge) metal frame, and 16mm gypsum wall boards on both sides of the wall attached with drywall screws.Finally, your cannabis storage room requires a mount steel or steel mesh on the outside of the room that is supported at all sides by anti-spread bracing, aligns sheet edges at every vertical and horizontal seam on the centre-line of the steel stud or anti-spread bracing, and that is secured properly with screws, welds or rivets.The secure cannabis room can’t be used for any other purpose than the storage of cannabis. In other words, don’t put any other items or equipment in here!
  5. Whatever cannabis or cannabis accessories are displayed in the customer area have to be kept in a secure showcase that’s locked at all times and can only be accessed by authorized staff. Any of the cannabis within this showcase has to be kept in its original sealed package.After operating hours, all cannabis that’s sitting on display must be stored in the secure cannabis storage room until the next morning.

Phew! That’s a lot of stuff to remember. However, you’ll have to comply with all of those points to stay qualified for your license and, furthermore, you’ll also need to submit a floor plan that identifies system compliance (for the alarm system, camera system and secure cannabis storage room) to AGLCC for approval. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, our team will create a custom security floor plan that’s fully compliant with provincial regulations.

Security Is Our Speciality

security guard officer watching video monitoring surveillance security system

Unless you want to be running around to 10 different custom vendors in the city to take care of all the regulatory needs (on top of your evergrowing to-do list), you should opt for an efficient, all-inclusive package with Time Business.


Well, firstly – we’re local, so we know exactly what your provincial government  requires and expects. Secondly, we’ve been working successfully with Canadian businesses for over 50 years to meet their business needs. Our company has created the ultimate Cannabis Retail Shop Package that includes everything from a specialized POS system and digital signage to the implementation of a camera and alarm system for your shop (that fits every regulation listed above).

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