Commercial Access Control: The Three Types of Access Control Your Business Needs

At Time Business, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive commercial access control, signage, parking, and point of sale systems for your business.

One of the most important elements of a security system at your property is having comprehensive access control in place.

Today, we are outlining the three types of access control your business needs for both security and ease of use.

Commercial Access Control Type #1: Property Access Control

Streamlined property access control is a non-negotiable for any commercial premises.

Regardless of your business’s on-site location, ensuring that the right people are securely and conveniently permitted access:

  • Heightens overall security
  • Reduces the risk of vandalism
  • Works to diminish disruptions to staff
  • Helps clients and collaborators feel more at ease
  • Is a long-term investment that pays itself off

Property access control commonly comes in the form of gated parking systems. At Time Business Solutions, these systems can also be tailored to your business’s specific property access needs.

Commercial Access Control Type #2: Building Access Control

Coming hand-in-hand with property access control is building access control.

Essential for secure and easily-managed identification, authentication, and authorization, building access control makes it so only staff can access designated areas.

This significantly cuts back on the risk of intruders, raises industrial safety, and deters general criminal activity, especially when combined with our video analytics inclusion, which can:

  • Create a virtual boundary around a facility’s perimeter
  • Be set up to trigger a notification if an individual enters certain areas
  • Send email or text notifications to appropriate individuals
  • Watch for object removal or abandoned objects
  • Secure access doors and parking garages via tailgating detection

Commercial Access Control Type #3: Secure Area Access Control

If there are high-value or dangerous materials on-site, secure area access control works to protect both your staff and your assets.

Particularly important for the industries of manufacturing, wholesale, oil, gas, airports, and hospitals, secure area access control regulates who can view and/or use specific resources. These resources include goods, files, devices, and equipment.

Secure area access control grants:

  • Enhanced peace of mind
  • Further data control
  • Compliance with data privacy laws
  • Upheld cyber security standards
  • The ability to easily and securely switch permissions as staff roles change

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We are always available to review your business and tailor access control systems to your business’s needs. Reach out today!

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