CCTV, Retail, and Loss Prevention

Amano McGann Canada manufactures CCTV (security camera) based systems for retail environments. Time Business proudly offers, installs, and supports these solutions from Amano in the local markets we serve. Time Business recently had the opportunity to speak with James Edwards who is the Director of Sales for Amano McGann Canada to get his thoughts on CCTV systems, the retail space, and loss-prevention. James has over 15 years of experience providing both access control and CCTV systems to clients across Canada.

Here is the interview:

  1. What does Amano McGann offer retailers?

– James Edwards- From a 10,000-foot view we have certain retail environments where it is just monitoring. We can install cameras and provide monitoring of high-value areas to ensure that if there is inventory which has gone missing, we can go back to the NVR (Network Video Recorder) to see exactly what happened during the period of time in question.

The second thing Amano does with retail is we monitor the actual number of people who come in and out of a store and time spent inside shopping.  This is important for marketing because they want to know what department the different genders go to first, as it affects how the store will be set up. Our technology can also monitor how much time people spend in each aisle or at each endcap studying products. The high traffic end caps are sold to vendors to showcase their products. For example, if a supplier wants to display their product on this end-cap it will actually cost more because this is a high-traffic area. Our system provides the data to back up this claim- how much time people are spending at that location; how much product is being purchased from that location; and how many people pass by the location.

The third area which we are very proud of is the development we’ve done loss prevention. In the past, CCTV solution providers were able to provide a ‘watch list.’ When someone who is on the watch list came into the store, a notification would be sent to staff and management. We’ve have now taken this to the next step, taking a picture and time stamping the watch list person. As the person goes through the store our cameras will follow them through the store through facial recognition software. When they go to a customer service desk for returns, the clerk will have access to the video file and when the person requested to ‘return’ a chainsaw. If the individual wasn’t carrying a chainsaw when they entered the store, the clerk will now question, “how are you returning a chainsaw when you didn’t have it when you entered the store?” The retailer has tools to control inventory losses in the store. This technology is very new specifically for the retail environment because this is a big problem. Amano McGann is having great success with Canadian Tire. Westburne Electric and numerous other retailers saving them from losses with this system.



2. What has changed since the emergence of Covid-19?

– James Edwards- A lot. When Covid hit in March 2020, people stopped going into stores and pivoted to ordering online and had the products delivered to their car.  Retailers are now starting to have areas where if you ordered online you pick your product up from a locker. Amano McGann Canada developed technology for those lockers using facial recognition cameras to ensure the patron is picking up the right package from the right area for their specific order. Our facial recognition cameras also monitor who is going in to pick up the packages and if something goes missing the software will allow us to save any scofflaws in the database and move them to a watch-list.


3. When you are talking to a retailer now, what are you recommending?

– James Edwards- We are still leading with loss prevention tools as it is the retailer’s biggest problem. The loss prevention solution provided by Amano is unique and is a big differentiator between us and our competition.

Time Business can help tailor an Amano Loss Prevention solution to greatly impact your bottom line. If you own or manage a retail business and you are looking for a loss prevention solution contact Time Business today. One of our representatives would be happy to take you through and explain your options and educate you on how the solution will impact your business. Contact Time today!


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