What is Access Control? Here’s why it matters.

When introducing access control, it is important to qualify which type of access control is being described. It is applicable in both the fields of physical security and information security. For our purposes, this article will describe access control as it relates to physical security. Information Security access control is related to securing access to software or information and will not be discussed here. Physical security access control, herein referred to as simply ‘access control,’ relates to using a combination of software and hardware to manage access to physical locations within or outside a building or facility. This could be a healthcare related facility (ex. Seniors Care Home), a retail location (ex. store or restaurant), municipal building (government building), commercial space (ex. Office building), or residential building (ex. Apartment complex).

Access control allows for the automated verification of individuals accessing a facility. The identification is possible through the use of credentials, like proximity cards and pins, combined with software which verifies or denies the credential being presented at the access point. An access point is any entry/exit point for a facility which needs to be controlled (ex. interior/exterior door, vehicle gate to parking lot, exterior man-gate). Once a user presents their credential, and the system has authenticated the user, the user will be able to use their credential at any access point for which the user has been granted access in the software.

Access control could be summarized as, “who, what, and when?” When a credential like a proximity card is presented to a reader, the software will answer, “who has presented their card and is the card valid?” If authorization is granted, the system software will then answer the question, “what is the user allowed to access?” For example, in a multi-unit commercial building users from all tenant business may be granted access to the communal garbage room, however, employees of the tenant business would be restricted to only accessing the business of the employer along with the garbage room. Every transaction (ex. card read) would be time stamped and logged in the system answering the question, “when?”

It can also work in conjunction with the surveillance cameras so you can see the image of “who” is coming into or going out of the building. When a transaction happens in the software for an in read or an out read an identification of the tag holder can appear on the screen to assure the person at the door is indeed the person that should be holding the tag.

PM Tronics access control solution Omnia has been installed virtually everywhere there is a door to control. PM Tronics Omnia is currently operating at the following types of facilities across Canada:

        • Seniors Care Home
        • Big Box Retail Stores
        • Universities and Post Secondary
        • Office Buildings
        • Medical Facilities
        • Mixed Use Commercial Developments
        • Parking Lots and Garages
        • Apartment Buildings
        • Banks

If you are interested in adding access control to your facility, contact Time Business today to speak with one of our qualified product experts. We would be happy to review your operation and tailor a system just for you!

Touchless: Welcome to the MorphoWave

How many times have you washed your hands in the past year? Too many to count? Our behaviors are rapidly changing as our awareness about contact transmission rises due to the Covid pandemic. Fortunately, technology has evolved and there are a number of technologies you can use in your facility right now to limit contact and limit transmission.

To protect your premises you need access control solutions that are dependable and won’t slow people down. Amano McGann Canada brings Idemia’s patented, touchless 3D fingerprint technology, to Canada in the form of the MorphoWave Tower.

The MorphoWave has rapidly become the benchmark in frictionless access. The overwhelming success of the MorphoWave Tower deployments in major Fortune 500 companies across the globe not only proves the technology delivers on its’ promise, but also confirms the possibility to use it everywhere.


The Morphowave acquires four fingers in 3D for maximum accuracy, with one pass of the hand over the sensor. This ergonomic touchless solution delivers an unmatched combination of security, convenience, and throughput. Thanks to this solution, organizations can now ensure a frictionless access experience everywhere to authorized users…with a simple wave of their hand.

Check out the MorphoWave in action: 

If you would like to know more about the MorphoWave, or any of our other touchless solutions (ex. facial recognition for access control, touchless buttons for ticket dispensing in our parking equipment, etc.) please contact us today!

Séan Wingrave
Amano McGann
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